Crypto bot trading vs manual trading

You're interested in trading cryptocurrency and maybe you have even started trading already. But you're wondering if it's better to use a crypto bot for trading cryptocurrency. In this article we will explain all the differences and benefits of crypto bot trading and manually trading, so you can make a good choice for yourself.

Manually trading

As it's the old fashioned way and most people know something about this, we will start with manually trading. If you manually trade cryptocurrency you will make every trade yourself. This means that you are the one who decides which trades you make every time. A lot of people still prefer manually trading, as they have the feeling that everything lies in their hands then.

Crypto bot trading

With crypto bot trading you don't make every trade yourself. The crypto bot does all the work for you. This is - of course - a big advantage, as it saves you a lot of time and energy. Though some people are wondering if the trades will be as good as when you do it yourself. Maybe it will surprise you if we tell you that the trades that a crypto bot makes may be even better.

The crypto bot has some built-in strategies that it uses to make the right decisions. You also have to set up the trading rules yourself. The software will use these rules while trading, so it will actually make the same choices as you would do when you trade manually. In some situations it will even make better choices. As a human being you can make human mistakes, like making choices based on your emotions or making the wrong choice when you're tired or in a hurry. A crypto bot can't make human mistakes and just follows the strategy and the trading rules.

Do you want to trade manually sometimes while using a crypto bot? With most of the crypto bots this isn't a problem. You can just put the trading on manual in the settings.